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Washing Whites

CleanOne Ai

Laundry: One Piece at a Time

Washing Machine Drum


Wash and dry a single garment on demand, saving time and energy while improving cleaning quality

Innovative Technology

Advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, customizes cleaning for each individual item of clothing

Efficient and Sustainable

By optimizing washing and drying for each item of clothing, CleanOne AI helps to conserve water and energy, making it an environmentally sustainable choice


CleanOne AI's compact size and water reservoir allow it to be used right where you need it, without special electrical outlets or water connections

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One Item Cleaning like You've Never Experienced Before

Our washer dryer combo features a single drum that allows an individual piece of clothing to be washed and dried with maximum efficiency, providing the best possible care for your clothes while saving water and electricity.



“Best design I've seen!”


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